Date of Notice  4/16/2014

Our next promotional rank testing will occur on:

The Rank is the Belt a student is testing for, not the rank they currently have.

Please remember to place the $35.00 payment for the student in the payment box with their name on it.

 Wednesday May 21st Time  Thursday May 22nd Time
 Junior Purple Belt - Red Trim 5:00 PM  Junior Orange Stripe & Orange Belts 5:00 PM
 Junior Yellow Stripe - Blue Belt 5:45 PM  Junior Yellow Stripe - Blue Belt 6:00 PM
 Junior Orange Stripe & Orange Belts 6:30 PM  Junior Purple Belt - Red Trim 6:45 PM
    All Adult Ranks 8:00 PM

Please be ready 20 minutes before the indicated testing time. As one group finishes, then next will begin promptly.

If you are unable to attend testing on the night of their normal class please come for testing on the alternate night.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Master Mike