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Black Belt Certificates
Any current or former students who have tested for a Black Belt rank but have not received a Kukkiwon Black Belt Certificate please contact Grand Master Cindy Brandt directly with your questions or concerns.

Grand Master Cindy Brandt
Call or Text
(218) 308-3101

This would include all testings conducted prior to September of 2017. Testings conducted after September 2017 will fall under a different certification path for Kukkiwon certificates.

Color Belt Certificates
Any students who is missing a color belt certificate, please send me a quick e-mail and I will make sure that I pull that certificate out and have it ready for your visit to the gym.

Going forward (August 2018) all students will be issued color belt certificates at conclusion of the test along with the color belt. if a student is required to retest on a technique or board break, the certificate will be issued at the conclusion of the retest.