New Student Information


Students may train in something comfortable t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants. Uniforms are available but not required until the first rank testing. The physical activity level would be similar to a gym phy-ed class.

Students begin training barefoot on the padded safety flooring. Street shoes are not allowed on the matted flooring. Training shoes are available if a student is in need of more foot support or to aid with doctor prescribed shoe inserts.

Please let the instructor know if you are feeling ill or have an injury before class begin.

If a student is feeling sick or needs to use the bathroom at any time during class, please tell the Instructor right away. We don't want anyone to be uncomfortable during training. Don't be bashful. Raise your hand high so that accidents don't happen. Parents please help to remind children to use the bathroom before classes start.

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art. During classes we use Korean counting and terminology. This information is absorbed by the students through repetition. Like anything new, it takes time to learn and to be proficient at it. A hand book full of all the terminology and testing requirements is available. Please ask Master Mike to purchase this or any other equipment.

There are many different stages and levels to training. As a student begins their training white belts are forgiven for their innocence. A young child might wiggle in line, or forget to raise their hand to ask a question. It does take some time to remember all the class procedures and over the course of time higher levels of self control and discipline are expected from each student.

Upon entering the training area a student is required to salute the flags, and then bow to the head instructor and black belts.

Students are required to say Sir and Ma'am, Mr. or Ms. when addressing the black belts or each other. Mutual respect will be shown between all students and black belts.

I look forward to training with you soon!

Master Mike