Private Training

Whether you are a new student, or continuing classes, you may book your private lessons at

I will be sending out an electronic payment request on the day of the lesson based on the e-mail address you provide.

Testing requirements have been reduced to help comply with social distancing as much as possible.

Private lessons:

Rank Testing:

  • Rank Advancement will follow the same process that we have always used.
  • Testing will be conducted during a private lesson with immediate family members as spectators.
  • The standard color belt rank testing fee will apply instead of the private lesson fee when a test is conducted.
  • Students will test when ready. If they work and study hard, they may advance more quickly with the reduced material.
  • Any student testing must still be recommend for that rank by a Master Instructor.
  • Testing Registration Form

Book your private lessons at

If you are a brand new student, Please Register here.

Testing Registration Form

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